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We know our users need simplicity for them to be able to easily edit and launch their products efficiently without headaches.
Which tech company recently introduced a product called ‘Assignments’ to help teachers around the world?

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Do you have what it takes to change lives?
A support worker’s job is all about helping people who require care to live their lives with as much independence and choice as possible. Every day is different, and support workers often find themselves having to make decisions about what action they should take in a variety of different situations.

Are you maximizing your technology investment? With Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Product Support Plans your educators and technicians can communicate directly with our technical experts via phone, email or Web Chat. These cost effective plans also include access to free software point releases to ensure you have the latest features as they become available.
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To access the latest technical information for Reading Counts!, please select from our resources listed below. These resources include specific product information, the latest software updates, and detailed technical manuals.

What kind of smoker are you? Answer the following questions about your smoking habits. Then click the “Score Quiz” button for a profile of your nicotine dependence and some ideas about how to tame your cravings as you become a non-smoker.
The key to success in kicking the habit is to create a personal quit plan. You’ll know more about how strongly addicted you are, and can use this information to help you design a detailed plan based on your smoking patterns. Many states have free counseling stop-smoking lines to help.

Whether you’re ready to declare a major or want to take your time figuring where you fit best, we know that deciding on a major is an important decision and we’re here to help. Whatever you choose, Mount Marty knows you’ll do great because we’re here to support you.
Check out a few of the many success stories from our current students and alumni. Who knows? Maybe the next success story we feature will be yours!